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Below is a partial list of the webinars available in Healers Online Workshop

All our webinars are archived and available for replay, PowerPoint slides are also available to view or print.

You make a difference; how energy healing is different; being a heart-based entrepreneur; clearing the obstacles to success; benefits of self-employment. 

What do you intend to create in your life and business? The four areas of abundance; aligning with abundance.

Declaring your intention; knowing you are "why"; creating your mission statement.

Avoiding burnout; being a good receiver; practices to care for yourself.

Communicating with the subconscious mind; like planning, planting & growing a garden; guidelines for phrasing the affirmation; getting the subconscious mind on your side; being creative. 

Receiving abundance for the work you do, clearing obstacles within you; clearing the energy field of a business. 

Creating a "sacred space" for your healing work. Setting up in a professional way, includes an introduction to Feng Shui principles.

How energy can grow or hinder your healing practice. Getting clear of the negativity around conventional sales & marketing; learn how to create your own unique spiritual marketing style. 


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