Meet Our Support Team

Ruth Kent

Ruth Kent's background was in Health Care for 47 years and 41 years of Intensive Care Nursing. She has been coaching people all her life. In 2008 she became certified in the Emotion Code and 2010 certified in Body Code. Ruth was an Emotion Code instructor from 2012 - 2017. Over the last four years, she has mentored many in business and in their lives. In 2015 she created an abundance program called "Success Together". Ruth's goal for those she comes to meet is to allow everyone to discover the means to live a life of JOY through Freedom.

Contact information | 828-298-2718 | 828-778-0254 |

Chris Chimbers

Chris started Healers Online Workshop (HOW) in 2016 so energy healing practitioners wouldn’t have to go through it alone as he did. When he started his practice in 2010 there were few resources available. Once Chris was able to establish and sustain his own healing practice he was inspired to create a space to help healers become successful and further this wonderful work globally. Chris continues to offer new resources and insights to HOW  members every month.

Contact Information | 514-671-0171 |

Denny Guymon

Denny has been an energy healer since 2013 and loves to assist people all over the world with their health concerns and challenges. Through this journey, he met Chris Chimbers and together they have worked at putting together something that would assist healers to grow their practices. This is how Healers Online Workshop was born. Denny is the technical director for Healers Online Workshop; he will be available to share his technical skills as a mentor to assist in this area. Denny combines his deep spirituality with helping you navigate the online side of your practice.

Contact Information | 385-242-2184 |


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